Future Trend - Mass Customization

How it works

My Schuhtingstar creates fashionable shoes just on demand to ensure an unforgettable shopping experience.
Go to Try to fit

Try to fit

The customer tries different models in the shop, tests and feels different materials.

Go to Select and Design

Select and Design

The selected shoe can now be designed according to the wishes of the customer from a series of materials, colors and equipment requirements.

Go to Click and Collect

Click and Collect

With a delivery time of 14 days, the shoe is ready to be picked up in the store.

With MySchuhtingstar we bring mass customization as a Saas model to the point of sale.
"Saas - Shoes as a Service"


"The future of purchasing and selling in the retail trade becomes more predictable, more efficient and more individual."

This is achieved through the use of a configurator at the point of sale and with the help of a fashionable and high-quality Schuhtingstar collection, which can be produced just-on-demand - Made in Italy.


MySchuhtingstar enables your customers to create their own lifestyle design shoes

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